About Us

Owner:  Adonis Marcos

Adonis has always had a love for working with all kinds of animals, especially when it comes to training.  He especially has had an affinity for pigeon keeping; something he has been doing since his youth.  Today he has built his own loft and has been keeping and raising pigeons for several years.  

Adonis has participated in many pigeon races and has also raised several prized pigeons.  He has competed in the races held by the Smoky Mountain RPC.

Adonis has been living in the Knoxville, Tennessee area on a 2 acre farm since 2002.  Amara Farm is nestled between the Smoky Mountains and the Cumberland Plateau, just 40 minutes from the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge area.  Amara Farm is located in a ideal area for pigeon keeping. There are many hotels and restaurants nearby for those who want to visit.

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